COWEL KAFTAN, how to cut and sew

To make the Cowel kaftan is simple. When you're buying the fabric just make sure to buy long lengthy and wider fabric. The length should be double in size of your actual length. The width of the fabric will be going across your shoulders and down your arms, so the wider the fabric, the further down your arm the fabric will hang. If you have wider fabric then you don't have to sew sleeves separately. Many of you liked my kaftan making video and asking me to make more kaftan and different Abaya styles. So first I'll share how to make a Cowel kaftan and at the end of this post I'll answer some of your comments too.
To start you fold the fabric in half lengthwise, with the wrong sides facing together. After marking your desired length you fold it again, it now has four pieces of fabric in layers.On the top closed side of the fabric, You mark your back and front neckline, the wrist to wrist length that is by taking the tape measure from one wrist through the back shoulder to the other wrist of the arm. So mark the wrist to wrist length, your wrist fitting and your desired length of the sleeve. Mine was roughly seven to eight inches.Cut the bottom in a curve shape so it will not drag on the floor but you can also leave it straight.If you are cutting the bottom in a curve shape take a tape measure mark your length from the neckline and move around the bottom edge. When you have marked on one side of the fabric also mark on the other side of the fabric. This way it'll be easy to sew later on.If you want to design the neckline then don't cut the neckline before. At this point design the neckline to your own liking. You can watch my other video of designing necklinesAfter stitching the neckline you bind the wrist first then sew the sides. Starting from the sleeves to the bottom of the kaftan. When one side is stitched, sew the other side and then bind the bottom as well.After finish stitching this is how your Cowel kaftan should look.This one is my previous kaftan and many of you loved it. You are still commenting on the video to make more Abayas and different style kaftans. Also some of the comments were that this kaftan drags on the floor I've already explained it that you cut it in a curve shape from the bottom and the corners of the long kaftan will not drag on the floor. Click to watchThere was another comment that from the sleeves to the armhole it is open. I didn't stitch it from the sleeves area however if you don't want to show your arms then stitch it from the sleeves as well. Just make sure this type of kaftan are stitched on right side of the fabric.You can read my previous post of making the Kaftan CLICK HERE. You can also watch a step by step guidance in my pattern drafting video.

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