COWEL KAFTAN, how to cut and sew

To make the Cowel kaftan is simple. When you're buying the fabric just make sure to buy long lengthy and wider fabric. The length should be double in size of your actual length. The width of the fabric will be going across your shoulders and down your arms, so the wider the fabric, the further down your arm the fabric will hang. If you have wider fabric then you don't have to sew sleeves separately. Many of you liked my kaftan making video and asking me to make more kaftan and different Abaya styles. So first I'll share how to make a Cowel kaftan and at the end of this post I'll answer some of your comments too.


I almost got a little shock before when I realised that the September is gone, and we are mid way through October. I never think it felt like Autumn had swept past so quickly before. It feels like I was just up in the park. I remember the leaves were green when I first got there. However the day I went for my doctors appointment a week later, the trees had turned yellow.
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