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In this unboxing post, we have Fenty beauty by Rihanna. I think we all know who Rihanna is she's a singer. She also owns a clothing and a makeup brand called Fenty Beauty – without doubt the most hyped and most talked about brand. You’ll all know by now this launched with 40 shades to cater to every skin tone, and that’s been one of it’s major selling points. This was a surprised gift from my husband. I'm beyond grateful and blessed. I’ve been wearing this for a few weeks now, so time to share my thoughts with you too. Maybe you want to buy something from Fenty beauty so I hope that this is some way helpful for you.
I'm going to start with the face first. Here I've got two shade hydrating foundations, one face primer, eye primer and one eye concealer.
Pro Filt'r Hydrating Primer Soft Silk - £24 Pro Filt’r Amplifying Eye Primer - £18The face and eye primer consistency is weightless formula melts into all skin tones, creating a super smooth surface for effortless blending. It blends easily and feels soft. It's not super tacky however it did give a little bit of a sheen to my skin. It's very light in smell and my skin feels smooth after applying it onto my face.

New Pro Filt'r Hydrating Longwear Foundation Shades 220 and 260 - £27 EACHIf you have normal to dry skin you will love Pro Filt'r hydrating longwear foundation. One is my skin tone shade and the other one is two shades lighter. I tend to do this with all my foundations so I can mix and match. The 260 shade which I cannot believe how smoothly it blends into my skin and that it's a perfect colour to my skin tone. A little goes a long way. It's buildable. One thing I find different than my Rimmel foundation is that I can't just dab this all over my face and then blend it with a wet beauty blender. This dries quite quickly, so I suggest to apply little by little and blend it into the skin. I love the finished look, the skin with foundation looks like the skin and not just makeup.Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Concealer Shade 210 - £19

This is the pro filt'r retouch concealer in the shade 210. The applicator is smooth and it brings out the right amount of concealer. It is buildable however a little goes a long way.Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Setting Powder Shade Banana - £24

I absolutely love the setting powder in banana and the dewy set from Anastasia Everything just blends in so nicely.
Kabuki Brush Face and Body 160 - £26
Anastasia Setting Spray 100ml Dewy Set - £27 (it's not Fenty Brand)I've been loving this delicious coconut-vanilla scent, Dewy setting spray from Anastasia. It seamlessly blends products together and gives dewy radiant finish. It contained in a glittery, pearl-white bottle. However the spray is free of shimmer. Sometime I use it alone, it gives a natural and healthy-looking glow. Also love the fact that it's vegan and cruelty-free.

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick Unicorn - £21 Match Stix Trio Shade Tan - £46
The Shimmer skinstick in Unicorn(purple) and Rum(glided broze). You can use them as a highlighter, blusher and an eyeshadow. Honestly they glide on your skin even when the foundation is on your face.The Matte skinstick is in Caramel(cool) and Truffle(neutral gives a smooth contour look.
Moroccan Spice Collection - £93.60 Harvey NicholsIt has both shade collection shimmer and matte, light and dark shades.They are pigmented, non shedding and velvety texture. They blends smoothly with the brush.
All-Over Eyeshadow Brush 200, Tapered Blending Brush 210Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner
I also love the flyliner. It delivers everything you want in a liner. The fine tip can line as thin as you want or as thick as you would like to create a wing liner. It dries in perfect black colour.
Body Lava Luminizer Brown Sugar - £46
This is in the shade brown sugar. The texture is very creamy and oily. It is a body luminizer. When you blend it, it gives a light tan look. However it has a little sticky touch to it. It wasn't absorbing or drying fully into my skin. It felt sticky even after I finished swatching lipstick shades on my hand. Personally, I do prefer it to dry into the skin and not feel tacky. I remember when I got my first gift set from my husband. It has a hugo boss perfume and a body moisturiser.The body moisturiser has the light sheen and it dried into the skin. I preferred that texture into the body lava because the sparkles in this luminizer is gorgeous sun kissed.
Frosted Metal Lipstick Set Snow Daze - £22.40
Although we all know what this resembles however I love the lipstick packaging. The name of the lipsticks are so chilli, what's your Numb'A and cuffing season. They are rich, creamy and shiny. I loved using what's your numb'a as a highlighter on my cheek (:And that's all thank you so much to my husband for this special gift and thank you for reading. Let me know which one you really want to buy. I know you wanted the swatches he-he well head over to watch a better quality video on my YouTube Channel - AnnieOmarThoughts

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