Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people ♡
How are you doing! I hope you are doing well.
Hi lovelies, I filmed a day in my life, my morning routine! Video is up on my YouTube - AnnieOmarThoughts . I included what I like to do in the morning, What I eat in a day, a little bit of speed cleaning, groceries haul from Asda and Aldi, creating and pampering ideas.Some of you requested me many times to vlog. I put some clips together hope you like it. I recorded this video in April. I was hesitate to click publish in Ramadan. Mostly everyday is like this, I always try to keep my routine however some days are not like this, some days I can not keep up and that's okay too. I hope you like it, if you did leave a like and comment down below. Click to watch... YouTube - AnnieOmarThoughts ~(•◡•)
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