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In the past weeks I made a two in one Kameez/kurti
I explained my version of stitching the kameez with the lining so I can wear it from the inside out too (:The whole idea came in my mind when I saw this two piece suit from a Junaid Jamshed store in Abu Dhabi (may he rest in peace). You can also visit their online website - CLICK HERE
 Do visit their website you will not be disappointed. This white piece of fabric is actually a trouser but I really liked the bottom of it and I wanted to make this into a shirt also and other one with gorgeous design is the main piece of fabric for the kameez/shirt.I wanted to make it in a way so I can wear it from the inside out too. I rather have one shirt with two looks then two shirts separate. In my Youtube Video I had explained how I cut and stitched the kameez with the lining. In the picture below, you can see that the stitch is invisible from both sides of the shirt and you can open the bottom of the shirt to make changes in size. I am so happy with the result.Links to watch a video
You can also watch same videos in Urdu/Hindi (:Many of you liked my Spring pink kaftan making video on youtube and requested me to make it again. There was also a request of making it with the lining. Because in the old video I was nervous to speak so in my new video I had explain the detailed process of cutting and stitching the kaftan with the lining...I had also made a pattern making video of the kaftan. In that video, I shared a quick guide on a piece of paper. In new video I had discussed with you with a small piece of fabric...How cute is this mini kaftan hehehe...The material I chose to make my kaftan with was Linen but you can pick anything that has an equal flow. I used less then four metre fabric which is almost a full suit. To sew the Kaftan with the lining, you will need two pieces of fabric with the same width and length.Normally you place the lining of the kaftan and the main piece of fabric together and bind the edges by folding half an inch inwards. However I explained the blind stitch process on the edges of the kaftan. To sew the blind stitch, you need to place the right sides of the fabric together and pin up the sides of the kaftan. After stitching the sides of the kaftan you trim and clip the seam allowances then grab any fabric through the neckline and turn it right side out. Once the edges are stitched, you need to sew the neckline. You will love how it leaves neat and clean look not only from outside but from inside too. This is my version of stitching the Kaftan with the lining. If you are going to make this kind of the Kaftan then don't forget to hashtag me #madewithannieomar so I can see your creation.
Links to watch a video
I've also made bedroom slippers. If you are playing games or editing videos like myself in winter then they can keep your feet warm. They are easy to make. They are cute, comfy and warm.
Links to watch a video
✂️Winter bedroom slippers✂️
You can also watch it below (:
The original plan was to make my own floral dolly shoes that can go with my dress. Basically I wanted to know the basic of how to make a shoe. So first I decided to make bedroom slippers. I really love how these turned out. They are soft, comfortable, warm and super cute. My husband loved them and that makes it even more perfect (:
Current Project
Currently I am editing a lot of footage of a dress I made that has a lot of frills. Most of you like my pattern drafting videos, when I sketch and cut my dress out on a piece of paper so don't worry I will share a guide first so that some of you will get the idea of how I set the fabric and cut out the pieces. And that's all for now in this post. Hopefully I will update soon about my upcoming videos till then look after yourself and stay positive (:


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