My first Urdu/Hindi Voice over

Asalam u alaiQum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people.
It was highly requested, I cannot believe I did this he-he I finally voice over in Urdu/Hindi
In this video I shared how to cut a kameez/shirt with the lining and I will share in my upcoming video of stitching the shirt with the lining so I can wear it from inside out too. The whole idea came in my mind when I saw this two piece suit from a Junaid Jamshed store (may he rest in peace). The white piece of fabric is for trouser but I really liked the bottom of it and I wanted to make it into a shirt also. I wanted to make it in a way so I can wear it from the wrong side too. I rather have one shirt with two looks then two shirts. Let me know your thoughts (:
Fabric is 2 piece suit from Junaid Jamshed store in Abu Dhabi
Visit their Online website -
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