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In todays post, I am going to share how I stitched the Kaftan Abaya. Before I go ahead and explain, you can read my previous post of how to cut the Abaya by clicking it... Click
First, I decided to stitch the sleeves. I did not bind the wrist of the sleeves because it already has a sealed edge. I am only add a lace trim to give a classy look. Because the lace is delicate, so I make sure that there is no fabric gathering while stitching over it.
To close up the sides, I stitch along each side of the Abaya, starting at the wrist to the bottom. Beneath the armhole, I make sure to give a curved shape. Clip, iron and I trim the seam allowances. At this point over-lock the seams and if you don’t have a over-locking machine then iron the seams inwards and lock it with zig zag or a normal stitch. Once the sleeves and sides of the Abaya are stitched, I bind the neckline.
After stitching the neckline, I use a different stitch for the opening of the Abaya. To hem the edges I fold a half-inch of the fabric towards the wrong side of the garment and sew the edges. After sewing the edges, I repeat the process one more time by folding another half-inch fabric inwards. This is an easy tip to sew the curve edge then I used the same stitch for the opening of the Abaya. I also add a lace trim at the bottom of the Abaya.
I wanted to keep a white theme with pink colour however; a different colour thread will look nice too. I iron the seam allowances as usual.
I decided to add more design on the back of the Abaya. To get started, I mark the length plus width. Over here, it was 7-inches. Then I draw a diamond shape by joining the marks with a ruler. To curve out another shape, I mark 1-inch away from the previous marking points and draw again. I wanted something different but you can skip this part. Then I used the same stitch over the lines I draw. To finish off, I stitched hooks and eyes at the front opening of the Abaya and there you go. I hope you like it as much as I do.You can also watch my detailed video on youtube or click down below to watch (:

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