Sew with me Two in One Dress, Two Looks in one Dress

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In todays post, I am going to share how I manage to sew two in one dress or you can say two looks in one dress.
Before I go ahead and explain, you can read my PREVIOUS POST CUT WITH ME by clicking it. I also shared the detail process of stitching this dress in a VideoAs I mention in my previous post that I will add extra fabric on top so I can keep the length of the bodice. You can see, I have added extra piece of fabric on shoulders.
Over here, I am placing the bodice pieces together with good sides facing inwards.
First I join the garment front and back pieces at the shoulder seams. Then I sew these seams.
Once the shoulders stitched, I sew neckline. I cut the neckline in round shape because this is my first time making two in one dress I wanted to keep it simple but you can design it to your own liking. In future video I will sure give a go too.I trim, clip and iron the seam allowances. Then turn the black facing through neckline to the wrong side.TO STITCH THE ARMHOLES
I lay the garment flat, good side up. I tight the roll one side of the garment towards opposite neckline edge. I take the armhole edges of the bodice and wrap them around the roll then aligned them with right side together. Pin it to keep in place.
I sew the armhole seam taking care not to catch the rolled up garment in stitching. At this point, you do not sew the side seams. Then I trim and clip the seam allowances as usual.Over here from the front I reach between the garment layer and gently pull the roll garment out. I flat the garment again and repeat the process for the other armhole.
This technique may look difficult at first but once you try this it gets easier. I love how it leaves neat and clean look not only from outside but from inside too. I am sure being using this lot more on my dresses. Just a personal thought when we add lining to the kameez in my opinion it should made like this.Let me know if you want me to make a two in one kameez it will be fun and tricky but I am excited to try it. Many of you request me to make Abaya because this dress is without sleeves I am trying to make all in one facing with sleeves on Abaya too. I hope that I will finish and share with you soon. Before moving on to stitch the side seams of the bodice I am pressing the edges flat with iron.

To stitch the sides I take the black bodice, pick it up and place it down.
This is how I will sew the sides a little bit different then normal. I also make sure to mark the exact size measurement of bust, waist and hips. Because once you sew the side seams, it will be hard to undo.Before stitching I pin it to keep in place. I trim, clip and iron the seam allowances.
Now the bodice of the dress is ready all it needs good ironing.BOTTOM PIECES OF THE DRESS
I am moving on to the bottom pieces of the dress. If you read my PREVIOUS POST , in which I shared how I made pleats on both skirt then pin them together.Over here, I am stitching them together to keep pleats in place. Then trim the edge to give neat look. To give a two in one look I figure out to make pleats on both skirts then stitch the waistlines together by keeping wrong side inwards.Then I place it flat lengthwise and pin the midpoint of waistline.To sew the side seam of skirt I start stitching from one end to the other end. When I flip them over, wrong sides of the skirt face together.Now you can leave it like this or hem the edge of both skirts by folding half an inch inwards. Because I wanted to give black, trim to other side of the dress so I make sure while cutting the skirts that the black fabric is one inch longer then other one. Therefore, I am hemming them together by folding 1-inch black fabric onto the navy.Here the tricky part begins. I spend 10 minutes by looking at it how to stitch them together so the seam is invisible from both sides. After quite some time I figure out one way of doing it. Without further a do, with this I have come up. First, I decided to sew the navy side of the dress. If I made any mistakes, it will be on black and on black; you cannot much tell a difference. I pin the bodice and skirt mid points together then pining along the waistline. Once you start pining from mid point it will make its own way.Then I sew the waistline all the way around making sure that the pleats are set in place while stitching over them. This is how it looks from navy side of the dress...Now I am moving on to black side of the dress. I fold half an inch fabric inwards and pin the midpoints together to keep in place. This pin is just to get the guideline. Once I pin each side of the mid point I remove my guideline pin from front and pin it inside. Then I repeat the process by pining along the waistline as far as it goes.I make sure to sew over or as close as the previous seam line. This part of stitching was a bit difficult so please take your time to do this. After stitching I pull the garment out of the unstitch part. This is where hand stitching comes in.You can hardly tell if its hand stitched...Moreover, there you go. I am so happy with the result. I hope you like it as much as I do. If you see or read any mistakes, comment down below I will learn from it. I hope you will find this helpful.
If you want to see in a Video CLICK to watch (:
Always~Be Patient Be Positive~ A♡O


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Zahra ♡


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