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How are you doing! I hope you are doing well. I know it is been so long since I post here. I was giving time to youtube. In which I can record a video, edit and share. Therefore, if I ever disappear from here you can always watch my videos. If you are interested to make your own clothes then I am sure you will find my stitching videos very helpful.
In the past weeks I made a designer Kameez/kurtiThis Linen fabric was one piece of fabric with printed design on front/back of the bodice and sleeves. Shalwar kameez is a traditional outfit. It is a generic term used to describe different styles of dress. Because it is the national dress of Pakistan, and commonly worn throughout the Indian subcontinent I made Kameez/kurti out of this fabric. I shared in video how I cut all the pieces in detail. Once the pieces are iron and cut it is easy to stitch.Links to watch a video
My youtube channel - AnnieOmarThoughts
Churidar Pyjama
Churidar pyjamas are tightly fitting trousers worn by both men and women in South Asia. Churidars are a variant of the common salwar pants. Salwars are wide at the top and narrow at the ankle. They are also longer than the leg and sometimes finish with a tightly fitting buttoned cuff at the ankle. They usually cut on the bias, making them naturally stretchy. However, I share another way of making linen and cotton fabric stretchable in the video. I cut out two-leg piece on one piece of fabric.Here is what you need to know before buying the fabric.
My fabric is longer then my actual leg measurement and 60” wide, MAKING sure the width of fabric is wider then hip measurement) I chose Linen plus cotton fabric to show how to make it stretchable by not cutting fabric on the bias.

There are five measurements required.
1-Length from waist to ankle(the more length you add the more bangles set on ankle)
3-Length from waist to knee loose (or from ankle to knee).
4-Thigh loose.
5-Ankle loose.
Add 3” to the measurement for the hem allowance(ankles) and the seam allowances at the waist. NOTE:Loose stands for type of fit needed.

 After determining your desired length, fold the fabric in half lengthwise with the good sides facing inwards. Straighten and flatten your fabric out with iron. Sew ends (width) of the fabric. Then take one corner of the stitched end and drag about eight inches down. When it makes triangle shape that is when straighten the fabric and pin the unstitch part (lengthwise) and sew it with the machine. It will look weird but don't worry it will make sense after cutting the ends of the fabric(width wise). The cotton fabric is stretchable and perfect for churidar pyjama. Measure your measurements on each corner of the fabric. Draw a line with a marking tool before cutting out two leg-pieces on one piece of fabric. Stitch along each side of the pyjama. In addition, that is it! The easiest way to cut churidar pyjama is buy stretchy fabric or cut on bias. However, I wanted to share this technique with you which is also called Aadaa pyjama. This is perfect trick for less and non-stretchable fabrics. To get more information watch a step by step tutorial.Links to watch a video
My youtube channel - AnnieOmarThoughts
How I burn fabric and create easy designsWorking on a complicated embroidery project can be very challenging, and it always helps when you can find little shortcuts to make things easier. Whether you like hand embroidering or using a machine, there are tons of tricks to speed up the process. Here are some of my tricks to start hand embroidering. Sometime I draw on a piece of paper. Cut into a shape and trace on Fabric. Mostly hand draw directly onto fabric.The embroidery kit (hoop) is perfect for beginners. I got it from Amazon. All you need is hoop, linen/cotton, floss (I used normal threads), needles, magic pen (I used Eye liner pencil), art sheet (I used normal paper) I separate my hoops and lock the cotton in between them, stretch cotton fabric out and screw tight the hoop. Then I start stitching over the section I traced/draw. It takes a long time to finish one pattern. If you have, freeeeee time then best way to pass it he-he.BURNING HACK WITH METAL/BATTI
You will need’ A candle/lighter to burn it. Steel/Metal tool which is pointy and round OR batti (you can get it from Ebay or Amazon) Clear nail varnish. Any fabric or your shirt.Place tool on burning candle for couple of minutes. Make sure it is hot so when you push it through fabric it burns and make a clean hole (be careful not to burn yourself) I have also showed burning hack with batti in video. It is not necessary but you can secure holes with clear nail varnish by putting some on wrong side of your garment. It is so easy to create your own designs. Try it on T-shirts or jeans. You will love it and let me know too (:Links to watch a video
My youtube channel - AnnieOmarThoughts
Drafting and pattern makingI work straight on fabric. I don't always draft and make pattern. I only use my basic bodice pattern and cut out the dress each time I make one.However, I made this video drafting and pattern making of slit dress/gown. Some of you will get the idea of how I like to mark on fabric and cut out pieces. I am sure there are very other video of perfect drafting and pattern making. I am just sharing the easiest and simple way. I am not a professional this is how I started making my own clothes. I hope you will find this helpful too.Links to watch a video
My youtube channel - AnnieOmarThoughts
Front Slit Dress/ OpenGownIt is like a flare shape long slit dress/open gown. It can make in short, maxi lengths, variety of colours and designs.Here is what you need to know before buying the fabric.

If you have single width fabric you will need to buy 4 meters. My fabric was 60” wide, but knows that the width of the fabric will be the flare of the dress so the wider the fabric, the further it will have flare. I wanted to have more flow look at the bottom, 60-inches was not enough that is why I made seperate bottom pieces which added more flare at the bottom of the dress. I chose cotton fabric to make my Gown, but you can pick any fabric. Please watch video to get all information about measurements, cutting and stitching. I can tell you that after wearing for a bit this Gown is going to be your everyday throw on long jacket!Links to watch a video
My youtube channel - AnnieOmarThoughts
Little bits and tricks for seamstress
Thread an entire pack of needles onto a single spool of thread. Then, when you need a threaded needle pull one needle away from the others. Hold the needle, thread together, and pull. The thread will pass through the remaining needles as you unwind the spool. Cut the thread at the desired length and start sewing with your pre-threaded needle. Great tip for hand quilting and a time saver for seamstress. Following the trick you got yourself handy threaded needle (:
Links to watch a video
✂️๐Ÿ‘š Handy Threaded Needle ๐Ÿ‘š✂️
My youtube channel - AnnieOmarThoughts

Did you know! You can thread a needle by rubbing on your Palm?
Getting that limp piece of thread through the eye of a needle can seem like a challenge. Threading a sewing needle shouldn't take up your valuable time and it shouldn't be frustrating! Following a few simple tips and tricks can make the job a breeze! Place the thread on your palm. Take a needle between your thumb and index finger. Pinch down on the thread with needle. Move the needle back and forth as shown in video. Making sure the hole/eye of a needle is place onto a thread during this process. Keep that motion until you see the thread poking out of a needle hole; pull it through. You will now have a thread in needle. Great tip especially when it is hard to see the needle opening.
Current Project 2 in 1 DressIn the weekly progress playlist on my youtube channel, I share detail process of making my own dresses. My next project is two in one dress. Yep this dress can be wear from both sides. I am also getting prepared to make Abayas because of most requested by viewers. Phew, that was long overdue but I am glad I finally get to share with you. Thank you so much for stopping by beautiful people. Always~Be Patient Be Positive~ A♡O

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