Hope Is Life

Imagine yourself sitting in dark room...
➺❥ Your eyes are looking at Burning candle. Your thoughts are tangle in your mind. You are wishing for a miracle to happen. Do you know as soon you start wishing for a miracle to happen it already happened? You know what that miracle is. It is call hope.
Yes if you did not have hope inside you, you are not alive. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. Never let go of hope in you, it's a life saving rope. Never let go of faith in you. The key to make hope live within you is to keep asking yourself for something, keep hoping for what your heart truly desire. If you ask yourself for something, you are asking it to happen in your life. Moreover, when you are asking it to happen in your life you are taking a small step to achieve it and when you are taking a step to achieve it you are continuing your life with hoping for it.
Quote by me, "Hope is like a drop of water on plant." One drop of water is so powerful that it can save or take lives.
I hope that you like my inspirational thoughts. Sometime my words are hard to understand but if you go deep, you will find a deep meaning. When sadness fills your heart and tears flows in your eyes always remember three things, "Allaah is with you, still with you, always with you." 
Always Be patient~Be positive
~ A♡O ~

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