➺❥ Some days you will feel it is over. It's over so you can stop thinking, it's over' for always think first before speaking out, it's over' for stopping people to judge you, it's over, for justifying, it's over' for fighting alone... it's over! Let it go. Just let this feeling go. When you let this feeling go, flow with the time then your thoughts will start to convert into beautiful words. Let this feeling go' you are more important then this negativity in you. Let an old feeling 'it's over' to take over new feeling 'its start'. Live your life with those words that motivates you' so you can collect happiness and spread along as you go. Let those people know that love is more powerful then hate. Let this feeling grow with positive thoughts. There is nothing you can do but to be positive, to be patient. Now take a step and work hard to push negative and pull positive.
And believe me when it is finally over it will worth ❣
~ A♡O ~
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