🎥Cute Jammies/Long Dress🎥

Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you doing! I hope you are doing well.
A pretty pink dress for bedtime. Why not. This sweet long-sleeved design has dainty frills around the cuffs, while its classic shape is long enough to keep sleepy legs warm on the chilliest evenings. I made this dress out of a cotton fabric which is mention in my fabric haul postI made a systematic video on my youtube channel. Here is the video of how I made this dress. I hope you find it helpful x!
~Be Patient Be Positive~ A♡O

💌Our family chain is breaking💌

14 November 2016 
In the morning, I wake up from a deep sleep when someone knocked my door. It was my father in law, looked at me hugged me and said your brother Tahir is no more. My heart started to skip a beat' then my ears did not wanted to believe. I had to accept the bitter truth. My eyes were looking at the sky. My tears were fading my vision. My voice was trembling. I wanted to say a lot but I couldn’t. My tears said it all to the one Almighty who listens to you even when you do not speak out…
Last year 1st November 2015, the lost of our mother was a biggest lost of our family. I remember your words when you said with your trembling voice "Take everything from me and give me my mother back." Tahir bahi you were born to look after your mother. You could not survive without her. How you spend this one year without her only you and Almighty knows.
"Surely we belong to Allaah and to Him shall we return."
Tahir bahi Allaah subhanahu WA ta'ala give you peaceful sleep. May you get a place next to mother in Janat ul Fardos. May yours and mother soul meet together with smiles. May Allaah subhanahu WA ta'ala give your wife and children strength to cope with this difficult time Ameen Summa Ameen.
Honestly, my heart cannot take it. He was the brother who looked after me as his little sister. He loved me deeply. My tears cannot stop by looking at your children who will pray for you forever. All I want in my life is to ask from Allaah subhanahu WA ta'ala that we all meet together in Janat ul Fardos. Oh Allaah accept it' please accept it.
The hardest part of losing someone, is not having to say goodbye but learning to live without them.Your family needs more of your presence. Your time is the most valuable gift you can give to your loved ones...
~Be Patient Be Positive~ A♡O
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