Time is walking

➺❥When we get tired from walking we can stop but time, do not stop. Time is walking and sometime run fasts. I was tired from walking. When I sat down, I saw this beautiful path. If I sit there and watch a beautiful view, will I be able to see what is to the other side? Where these beautiful paths can leads me? I have to take steps to be able to walk pass by and enjoy a beautiful view. It is not guarantee that it will lead to what I expected, it could lead to something or nothing, that is what life is about. Just take the chances as you walk if it leads somewhere beautiful you will enjoy it and if it did not you will still be able to say I did take a step but it was not meant to be. It will worth it. When you feel tired, it is okay to take a small break but bare that in mind, time will not stop for you and you have higher chances to miss something beautiful that you could have if you carried on

"Do not just sit there and watch a beautiful view. Take a step towards it and enjoy the journey. If you never take a step you will never make it." Annie Omar

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