Fabric Haul 2016 Part 2

Here is the part two of the fabric haul as I mentioned in my previous post. You can read it here Part 1 Fabric haul 2016...
Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you are doing? I hope you are doing well. The fabrics that I will share with you first, are the fabrics from my sister-in-law. She wants me to design and stitched them for her. She was also kind enough to say, you can design anything you like. There is not much that I can design new because these embroidery filled fabrics with so many beads are made for Asian suits/long dresses. You will see in my upcoming videos how I stitched them in a simple and easy way. Here is the pictures of the suits (I do not know the price of them)

First oneSecond - Black and Maroon colour combination on Chiffon/Velvet fabric (it looks different on camera)...Third - Autumn leaves Linen fabricFourth - Black and silver with beaded flowers on Chiffon Fabric...
And Fifth - Plain black cotton fabric with designed pattern...

Here are the fabrics I chose to design for myself. I hope that as time passes I will figure out what to make out of them. However any ideas come to your mind do not hesitate to comment down below (I will appreciate it)

Silver/Polka Flower - £3 Metre (don't know what this fabric called)Chinese Silk Fabric in Dark Purple - £6 Metre
Black shimmer/stretch Thin Fabric - £3 Metre
Stretch Jersey Fabric - £4 MetreBurn Out Patterned Viscose Stretch Jersey Fabric - £3 Metre

Few days ago, I was cleaning my Memory boxes and trying to update my room (that is taking ages to finish) I Found these suits which was given to me from my sweet mother Ammi Jaan (peace be Upon you maa) I totally forgot about them for good two years.

The Linen fabric of Kurta(shirt) with Kashmiri Tilla/Dori (silver embroidery front and back)Gorgeous multi colour embroidery with mirrors on white Chiffon fabric...Multi colour beads with golden embroidery FabricAnother gorgeous multi colour embroidery with mirrors on black Chiffon fabric...Winter will be here soon so I cannot wait to make something out of this floral velvet...

Moreover, some different colour/material fabrics that I thought will be helpful to use as undergarments or for designing patterns - £1.00 Metre each

This is cotton and linen fabric for my cute sleepy shirts - £1.50 MetreCotton fabric in baby pink colour...Spring Flower Linen Fabric...

That is it. I am working on my new projects if you have not already then kindly subscribe to my youtube channel so you will never miss a video. I will be updating on here as well. Thanks for reading. Have a great day x!
~Be Patient Be Positive~ A♡O

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