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Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you are doing! I hope you doing well. Today I will share with you my little experience of hair bobbins and how I come up with an idea of making them at home for my hair.
Actually I was working on my new project floral wristband for my niece and it reminded me the time. Floral wristband is the same way of making hair bobbin. I have practically shown in video which you can watch on -
My youtube channel - www.youtube.com/ AnnieOmarThoughts
I use to have long and very thick hair back then. I still have the length but it is not as thicker as it uses to be. So I use to purchase many hair bobbins in all sizes. They use to work for the time being but after some uses it loose their elasticity. I can only use them in braid hairstyles. When I do a hair bun or a ponytail, they did not stay for long. My hair is long I look for any and every way I can to put my hair up. Therefore, one day I decided to make a hair tie at home and could not get happier with the result. Here is my at home making bobbins for thick hair. You will need any fabric (left over fabrics' old clothes/tshirts), high quality flat elastic (you can buy from ebay for £0.99), thread and needle...

Cut one long strip of fabric. Width about 1.5-inches and length roughly 10-inches (you can make as many you want) Fold the strip of fabric in half and sew the seam leaving half an inch allowance ( you can hand stitch too)...Take the needle-thread and secure the one end of fabric...Put the needle (wrong side inwards) through the strip of fabric to the other end and pull the fabric out. You will leave with neat and clean strip of fabric...Measure and cut your flat elastic (about 6-inches)Put the elastic inside of strip fabric...Secure one end with pin to keep in place. Moreover, gather rest of the fabric in middle from the other end. Take the one end and slightly infolds the material inwards. Take the other end and place it inside of the folded strip of fabric. Secure it with needle-thread...And there you have it. Hair bobbin from fabric for thick hair...Trust me this will stay for a very long time and it works the best for thick hair bun and ponytail. You can decorate this to your own liking but I prefer it simple. You can also use this as a wristband, which I will make another post to explain. Have a little fun creating your own hair accessories in the perfect style and colours x!
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My youtube channel - www.youtube.com/ AnnieOmarThoughts


  1. Making it at home is indeed a fab idea! I enjoyed watching the video and especially the background music. It is so soothing and relaxing at this hour of the night.

    1. Thank you beautiful. I try to add soothing music, finding a bit hard to grab a new one's for youtube videos ♡ x!


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