✂️👚 How to make floral wristband from fabric - DIY👚✂️

Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you are doing! I hope you doing well. Here is my another project in designing. This floral wrist band is very easy and fun to make in any style with fabric. It is the same way of making hair bobbin which I have explain in my previous post. You can read my previous post here - ✂️👚 How to make hair bobbin from fabric - DIY👚✂️
In this post I am going to show you how I decorate it. Here is the video which you can watch on -
My youtube channel - www.youtube.com/ AnnieOmarThoughts

Fabric floral wristband is the same way of making hair bobbin, just make sure when you cut elastic band it is the same size as the actual wrist or a bit loose. Fun part for me was to decorate this so here it is...
I cut one long strip of fabric then made this pattern which kind of give a unique look...Making sure to iron, that crease is going to give neat look...Fold two ends inwards and iron to keep in place. I made enough patterns to cover up the top of wristband...I use glue gun to secure these patterns on to wristband and add some pre made flowers to give floral look...Finish off with some pearls...
It is very simple and easy to make. You can decorate this to your own liking. Have a little fun creating your own fabric accessories in the perfect style and colours x!
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My youtube channel - www.youtube.com/ AnnieOmarThoughts

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