✂️πŸ‘šThe making of a summer fairy dress - part 1πŸ‘š✂️

Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you are doing! I hope you doing well. Here is my new project in designing that I am working on. Normally I upload a post when it is finished. Unfortunately I could not complete it. I thought it is better to post process of my dress rather then no post at all. As you already know I am trying my fully best to keep up with the blog and youtube. Every Sunday at 5pm is my aim to post here and upload video on youtube. I recently started youtube, finding it bit hard to film my project then editing but I will get better in time In Sha Allaah (if Allaah willed) but posting on my blog every week I must do. Here is the making of a summer dress. I am really excited about this project (If you do not like to read then skip this to watch a video down below or you can see on right side of the page there is my youtube play list Fashion designing' you can watch videos by clicking it)
I am working on chiffon and stiff net fabric. With chiffon fabric, I am going to make dress blouse and from stiff net, I am going to make a bottom of dress that we can call a skirt. I chose white cotton fabric for undergarment and for skirt underlining is kind of a silky material in off white colour. I know you probably confused. Once it finished it is going to make sense.
In this post, I am working on dress blouse and undergarment. You know my easy trick for dress taking measurements, which save a lot of time. If you are new to this than you can read my previous post here - Dress chart for any dress style
Dress blouseI also cut the front neckline in round shape...This is how the chiffon blouse looks...I cut the undergarment same way I did blouse. Only difference is the length, it is on your liking how long you want your dress to be...This is how undergarment looks...Then I move on to secure the necklines of blouse and undergarment. I made four long stretchy stripes...I put the stripe on right side of fabric and sew blouse/undergarment front and back neckline...This is how inside looks...Blouse back neckline...Undergarment front neckline...Undergarment back neckline...Ironing the stripes inside (towards the wrong side of fabric)...Inside look (to secure I will hand stitch)...Then I sew shoulder and blouse side seam ( I also sew the undergarment)...I cut blouse sleeves by putting the sleeve chart onto fabric...I sew them with the blouse. Blouse is ready just need few touches which I will do it at the end...Now I am working on a skirt here. I did not cut the skirt in shape. Have as much fabric for flare in width. First, I sew two straight lines along the waist of skirt on net and underlining fabric. Making sure sew a straight baste stitch(a long loose stitch) because this part needs to be gathering into the waist measurement (I have explain practically in video)This is the skirt bottom seam of net and underlining. I sew them together on wrong side of fabric so when I turn it over it will give neat look from outside (again making sure sew a straight baste stitch(a long loose stitch)Well that is it for the first series of making summer fairy dress. If you are liking my work then make sure to follow me here and subscribe to my youtube channel to never miss a post/video. I am trying my fully best to finish this dress as soon as possible. Have a beautiful day beautiful's (: x!
A ♡ O
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  1. Wow dear Annie, MashaAllah this is perfect. Sewing shiffon is not easy But you did it well. Looking so good.Can't wait to see more :)
    Have a blessed Ramadan dear!

    1. It was hard sewing this material but ironing made it easier. Thank you so much beautiful for the kind words. And you too May Allaah Subhanahu wa'ta Ala shower His blessings upon you and your family (: ♡ x!

  2. Wow I am so impressed with your work! I don't think I can ever do this. It involves so much patience and will power to actually sit, cut and sew. You should definitely think of opening your designer clothing store.

    Fatima | www.blogsbyfa.com

    1. And you will be my first customer ;) Thank you beautiful ♡ x!


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