Body exfoliation using a pumice stone

Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
Today, I'm going to share with you the best thing in the world, Pumice stone!
Most people use scrubs to exfoliate facial skin but neglect the rest of their bodies. This results in lacklustre body skin. In fact, I used to do the same. However, a few years back, when I noticed waxing resulting in quite a lot of ingrown hair on my legs, I realised the importance of scrubbing skin all over while taking a shower.
Initially I used to use a spongy loofah once I tried a pumice stone, I got hooked on to it because I could actually feel my skin tingle after I scrubbed and could feel the revved up skin circulation. The pumice stone worked better than the loofah in clearing up the ingrown hairs a whole lot. Ever since, scrubbing with pumice stone is a part of regular showers for me. The benefits are many, but the best is that it opens up pores of your skin and after taking a shower, any cream that you rub on will be absorbed deliciously.
Few things to note about it though -
  • Scrub your skin upwards, towards the heart, starting from your legs and thighs, up your abdomen and finally up your arms.
  • Do not forget to scrub your back (as much as you can reach out) and neck too.
  • Be gentle with the scrubbing! After you have lathered up soap or body, wash, scrub gently in a circular upward motion and then rinse as usual.
  • If you have rough or cracking foot heels, then scrubbing with a pumice stone while taking a shower helps immensely. Do remember to moisturise your feet thereafter. In 2 weeks or so, you should begin noticing softer, smoother feet.
  • If your knees and elbows are dark or are rougher in texture than the rest of your body, then scrub over these areas specifically and regularly. Moisturise after this for sure and within a month, your knees and elbows will look and feel much better.
  • This is obvious but do not scrub over bruised, cut or sore skin. Ouch.
  • Moreover, over freshly waxed skin as well. It does not require scrubbing for 2-3 days and does not feel good either. (Though a loofah is softer, it will not hurt)
  • Finally, don't expect your skin to be silky smooth after a few scrubs itself, it takes time. Trust me, it's worth it.
You could always use a loofah instead of a pumice stone. The loofah is gentler on skin and works good. I prefer loofah when I am in bathtub and I prefer pumice stone for everyday shower. Now scrub away those dead cells and watch your skin feel baby soft (: x! A ♡ O


  1. I have used both of these, the loofah and the pumice stone but the loofah always makes me feel ticklish so I prefer the pumice stone which is softer for me. I don't rub it harshly on my skin but I didn't know that it should be used upwards. I have always used it downwards. This is a very informative post indeed. Can't wait for your next post on skin care routine.

    Fatima |

    1. Loofah work best when your skin is soaked in water for a while' I prefer the pumice stone too for everyday use. When we use pumice upwards, it tackles the pores and hair more. It can be use as a natural method of reducing hair, provides results very slowly thou but that is the reason it should be used in upwards motion. Thank you so much, my at home pamper post will be up soon (: ♡ x!

  2. I prefer using loofah on my body as pumice stone sound lil hard . But i agree they work great for under feet exfoliation . Great post dear :)

    1. :D yep you are right it is less softer then loofah. Thank you so much beautiful (: ♡ x!

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