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Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
Today I am sharing how to sew a cute skirt for cute little girls. I come up with a different and easy idea. This skirt will look good on printed leggings or skinny jeans because it has a look of side cuts. I hope you like it (If you do not like to read then skip this to watch a video down below)
You can use any fabric to sew the skirt. However to create a looser more flowy skirt, use a light and airy fabric. I chose this lilac two-tone velvet fabric, which gives a beautiful shine too. I fold the fabric in half and marked the length plus flare of the skirt. I had less material but the more width of the fabric the more flare at the bottom of the skirt.
One side of fabric which is closed going to be the skirt waist
I pinch the fabric with both hands in arbitrary position. Then picking up and setting down the material.
I mark waist measurement (making sure to add extra 2 to 4-inches)
I made a small cut with the sharp cutter then cut the fabric with scissors. You can also cut by putting the material down in square shape, making sure mark the middle point so when you cut in arbitrary angle' the sides of skirt are equal in length...

From left over fabric I made a pattern to secure the waist seam (length and width of pattern should be 2-inches longer then waist).
Need to cut a same size measurement of the waist in pattern too (leaving 1-inch on both sides for seam allowance)

Placing the skirt right side upwards then putting the pattern on the skirt right side downwards (Pinning both material together will be easier to sew skirt and pattern seam)

After sititching the seams I made small cuts in the corner of the waist.
Cut your elastic band to be the length of your hips, minus 1 to 2-inches (if your hips measure 30-inches, your elastic should be cut to 28-inches)
Securing the end of elastic...
Then stretching elastic along the seam as I sew...

I also sew the bottom/sides seam of skirt (folding half an inch inside)
The elastic of this skirt will be hidden inside the pattern. I fold the pattern inside then use pins to secure this section along the waist of the skirt and hand-stitch along the sides.

This is how inside looks...

Front side of skirt...

There you have it. I hope you like the idea. Thank you for reading x!
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  1. such a great post .. unfortunately i don't know how to stitch . This looks so tempting to try at least . Thank you for sharing dear ♡♡

    1. Thank you so much sweety and if you need any help I am here (: ♡ X!


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