Steel Boned Corset
What is waist training?
The most basic definition of waist training is the process of using a steel boned corset to modify your waist into an hourglass shape with semi-permanent results. Steel boned corsets are worn for many reasons and situations. Some people wear them as a fashion statement, while others wear under clothing for back and posture support. However, many women are looking for that classic hourglass figure to really turn heads at a special event. It has nothing to do with losing weight, spot reducing or doing ab exercises while wearing a waist cincher. The hourglass figure is attained as a result of the moving of floating ribs and the reduction of space in the abdomen. Weight loss tends to happen mainly because the corset also acts as an external lap band, not allowing you to eat large quantities while wearing the corset.
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Is waist training dangerous?
If you are willing to use common sense and listen to your body then no, waist training is not dangerous. I suggest the use safe and sane corsetry practices anytime you wear a corset, whether you're a serious waist trainer or you're simply wearing a corset as a complement to your fashion choice. The conversation goes something like this:
"Is your corset causing you pain?"
If the answer is a resounding "YES!", then loosen it or take it off completely! The idea of no pain, no gain does not apply here.
A corset does not have to be uncomfortable to give you a gorgeous hourglass figure. Breaking in a corset, also known as seasoning, is important for the corset, but it's also a chance for your body to get used to wearing it. Slow and steady is the rule of thumb for waist training.

What Results Can You Expect From Waist Training?
The results of waist training are dependent on a lot a factors. Here are just a few:
How long you wear a corset each day.
How many days per week you wear a corset?
How tightly laced the corset is?
Are you following a weight loss regimen?
And finally genetics...even if we took two people that had the same waist measurement to start with and made sure that ALL the other variables were the same, they would still very likely have different results with waist training. Our bodies are so different, that there just is not any way to predict results. It is like walking into a gym and asking them how much weight you will lose if you start working out there.

Personally, I was not looking forward to do waist training but 14 months ago, I come across this steel boned corset. I wanted to have it because of the price normally good steel boned corsets are not cheap. For the price, this is an amazing buy. I am quite happy with it. I have been waist training for less then a year. I have successfully lost 1 inch off my waist by wearing this steel boned corset for several hours each day, multiple days each week. Yes, it is so hard to predict the results of waist training but I love how it quickly helps me in better posture and an hourglass figure. This is my personal review. I wanted to share on my blog for quite sometime but I thought it will be better if I experience for a little bit. I will recommend this not only for waist training also to get quicker results for events. Any questions I'll be happy to answer. I hope you find it somewhat helpful x!

Lucea Women's 24 Satin Underbust Waist Training Brocade Corset - rrp: £15.45 / Delivery - £3 UK / AMAZON / Matching G-String - Back Design: Lace-up / Polyester
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