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So finally I uploaded a post which was due for a very long time, I've mentioned in my "❤️ Mini Summer Haul ❤️"  post that I'm going to make a dress. Due to personal reasons which some of you know, I just could not set my mind to do anything but now I pushed myself to do so here are some pictures of the dress and how I made it. I hope you like it too...
Cut-Out JumpsuitHow I Made?
First, I always work in my head if I want to create something. Major things for example this kind of a dress or the other things, I want with this kind of material and that colour. When the picture is all set, its time to sketch it out and bring into my life - (means) - let's start hunting for fabric and get the designing done.
I used my one tiny trick which save me a lot of time and that's got to do with measuring my dress size. A lot of you know, whoever works in a Fashion Designing how hectic it is to take measurements and write it down then read-through, put marks as you are going to cut material into a dress. For me it's just very boring so I end up taking my measurements into a piece of paper, cutting into a shape and keeping it for life time (only if I don't get phat (-; )... If you want?! then I can make another blog post of, "How to take your dress size measurements" and cut a piece of paper into your body shape... For the time being here are the pictures of how I did it.What do you think?
These pictures can not really explain all the bits and bobs, I'm thinking of making videos. However, I am working on another project, which I am very excited to make. It will come soon. Actually here, I will not be able to upload a post until it has finished but I will be uploading process of dress making pictures on my social links make sure to check them out every now and then. Thank you for reading Lovelies x!
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  1. This is lovely. I've just made my daughter a dress for the first time and my other daughter some shorts. I really enjoyed making them so will be making some more soon! x

    1. Thank you so much lovely. Your daughters are adorable and I cannot wait to explore more on your blog x!


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