Amazon Makeup Brushes Fraulein 7 piece wooden handle brush set

Fräulein3°8 7 Pieces Pro Wooden Handle Makeup Brush Set w/Case Kit rrp: £4:95 / Amazon

This brush set is sitting for long time in my makeup drawer. For the price, this is an amazing buy. I bought these brushes from Amazon. It can use for detailed makeup each brush has it's individual holder in the case. I did not find any fall out of hairs from the brushes. I will totally recommend this if you don't want to spend a lot of money. There are better quality available now but for me it has paid it's price. Here are the pictures of each brush.
I use this for inner corner of my eyes, also like to smudge out the outer corners into a slight wing to really open up the eye.
I name it a fluffy brush he-he-he does the perfect job at blending.
I use this one to put eye shadow on my entire eyelid.
One brush which should be use for black or dark eye shadow colours.
Foundation Brush but mostly I use my fingers.
My Highlighting Brush for cheekbone, forehead, nose and chin.
Blusher Brush.
My final thoughts, it's worth buying.
Kabuki Brush - £2.49 or £3.49 / Groupon (sorry don't remember the exact price)
I got this from pound land - £1
I use to get nervous when applying my eyeliners, you know when you finish your eye shadow step and about to pick eyeliner thinking what if I mess up? I have to do the eye shadow again. Noooo! Ha-ha 
If you are going through this then I highly recommend this brush, it helped me give the perfect wing. Here is the trick that I use to do. Use brown or dark brown eye shade with this brush and apply on your eyelid like eyeliner. Once your happy with the shape apply your black eyeliner on top of the line you draw, trust me it will be very easy and neatly done. Let me know if you tried it (: It is a gel eyeliner brush however I use it to fill in my eyebrows.
This is my old mascara brush. I don't remember the name of this mascara but I really liked it's brush hair. I call it brow groomer. I use this to separate eyelashes (you know when they get clumsy with some mascara) also use it to brush my eyebrows. I wanted to share this with you that before throwing old things, stop and think for a moment. They might not do the same job but can be helpful in other. At last I hope you like this blog post and if you have any suggestions or thoughts, I'll be happy to read them (",) x!
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