πŸ’Œ Am I Capable Of What I Thought! πŸ’Œ

Last Sunday it was Mother's Day. When I got up in the morning, I went through my phone and all I have seen is social media filled with Mother Quotes, cards, gifts, smiling pictures. The thought pinched my heart, which this world seems to forget those who find it difficult to enjoy the day. Some of them have painful memories and life changing sadness. I never thought this before but now I am one of them. I started to think that Mother's Day is hard for many people for all sorts of reasons, I'm not going to write here but you know it all whoever is going through my heart goes out to all those who are not able to spend this day like others. After looking at the beautiful pictures of the daughters and Mothers together my thoughts gather one sentence and I decided to write it down in my Quote Diary, "Mother's Are Flowers with Different Fragrance".
Suddenly the tears come streaming down my face and I could not think of anything else then to keep picturing my Mother my Ammi Jaan face. That moment I would like to do nothing at all, not even talk to anyone but later I decided to put my mind into something so I do not end up crying all day. I decided to put my sadness on the side and bring the strength to achieve of what I thought. So here, it is I made a Cushion with my quote written on it…I tried my very hardest to not quit. The only thing kept me going, “Am I capable of achieving what I picture in my head?” Words cannot take it that how much I miss her everyday! Not even a minute that I can not think of my Beautiful Mother who has left me in this world for better place but that feeling, which I have achieve I don't want to let it go. This feeling can help a lot of us who wants to quit. Just think for a moment before taking a step towards the darkness, "You are capable of anything the way you want". Each morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say it, "you can do it". I wish I can say to her, "Look mom I made this for you" but I know it will not be possible. What possible is that I can maybe bring a smile on another Mother whose daughter is not in this world. You do not need a Teacher in everything, "You Are Your Own Best Teacher" x!
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