Start day with Costa.
Is not this taste good? You do not eat breakfast, walking towards a bus stop on a very cold morning. Looking Costa and cannot wait to order. Having your first sip, your body feels the warmth and you never want it to finish...
My sister-in-law and I paid a visit to a cafe called Costa tucked in Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham. It was an open area with lots of people just walking pass us, so for me, this cafe was so lovely to sit but on the other hand a little nervous too. May be because it was my first time sitting in an open place If these sorts of coffee houses are not your style then I wouldn’t stop by there, however, I feel like it should be experienced regardless. When I went second time, I certainly was not disappointed. I felt more welcoming and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The pricing here is brilliant. It is good value for money and reasonable
Good coffee - 4/5, handy location x!
A ♡ O
Located in: Bullring Shopping Centre
Address: 24 High St, Birmingham B4 7SL
Hours: Open · 7:30am–8:30pm

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