Birthday Fun Shopping

Starting The Day With Costa...
Isn't this taste so good? When you don't eat breakfast, walking towards a bus stop on a very cold morning. Looking Costa and can't wait to order. Having your first sip, your body feels the warmth and you never want it to finish hahaha... Since my mother, my Ammi Jaan passed away I haven't been out, it's been three months I am not coping it well. As some of you know that the whole day I have one waiting phone call and that was my mother, it's only get worse when I can't hear her voice. I know she is in much much better place, it's me who can't hear her, hug her. Anyway, this blog post will go longer and longer to describe how much I miss her but let's just put my sadness on the side and get started with the joy my sister in law tried to bring. She plan to take me out and help her to get birthday outfit for her daughter and my little princess niece Minahil, well not little anymore can not believe she is ten 0-:
Small journey of town - Bullring
Birthday Outfit - JACKET - Next - rrp: £34 / TOP - Next - rrp: £13 / JEANS - Next - rrp: £14 / BOOTS - Next - rrp: £22

So while my sister in law went to the counter, I was lost in the baby clothes section. Aren't they so cute?

BANGLES - Claire's - rrp: £2.50 / EAR RINGS - Claire's -rrp: £1:99

Tadaa! (-: These are the prezzies From me, just a few things which she really loved. So basically that's it I know over here just a few pictures you see but in reality you know how we shop hehe.. end of the day we were exhausted and hunting for food so we ate burgerrrss trust me it was DELICIOUS!

I really enjoyed it, the salad' the chicken' the bun... It was just perfect. The day went quite nice thank you for my sister in law who try to cheer me up and thank you for reading it x !
A ♡ O

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