Women! And My Mothers Health update

Being a woman is hard and I know some of you will agree with me and some of you will not. Just go back and think of the time when we were little, how wonderful that life was?
Not to worry about this thing is that sometime bother us. I am not going to say these things here but we both know in which situations we were and we are. 
Whoever is going through hard times? I just want to say grab the rope as tight as you can, keep your trust on your hands not on the rope because it's on us who can change everything not the things and some of you who were in those situations... please let the people know that, “wishes can come true if we have faith.”
Childhood is the best time of our life, don't you agree? Yes, my childhood was like yours like a baby smile. I have three brothers and no sister which I have really wished for playing with dolls, going to the school for the first time. As growing sharing a lot of stuff, asking for advice I mean all girly things. I'm not going to say that I was unlucky at this because GOD(ALLAAH) give me more than all, I found every relation in my mother I call her Ammi Ji and for my brothers I was their little sister, their life. I was and am truly blessed THANKS to GOD.

My father use to work in Abhu Dhabi, come home after one year some times after two years for one-month holiday. He is a very hard worker, thoughtful and a loving person. I was my family deeply wished. Daddy love me A LOT! I was not scared from him but my brothers were ha-ha-ha. I remember when daddy comes home I use to stay awake till late night for my brother. He makes me sit in his room with little jam on bread. You can watch a TV and that was a big treat for me because we use to have one nice TV and it was in “HIS ROOM.” His room was on front side of the house. At the time, we never use to have separate keys so before he goes out with his friends, always explaining to me that when I come back I will throw little three stones on the window one by one which means come out and open the door." Hilarious right? Good days.

Back in the days when Daddy and Ammi ji had a tough time, they use to sew other people clothes like shirts, trousers, tents etc. My Mother use to work at nights. One cup of tea, little drops of milk just to give her more energy to stay awake. I also had another brother name Ateeq. Ateeq bahi who I never met. He was one years old when passed away. Due to lack of water in his body. My parents could not save him but they well tried. No own relative was there to help. My father and mother didn't have money to buy shroud for him, my mother was crying thinking what to do. Suddenly her true friend appears, while she was giving sympathy hug to my mother she drop some money in her shirt. Until this day whenever my mother thinks of that moment I see tears in her eyes. It is easy to say and write here but they went through this, how? I do not know! All I can say I WISH I was there ))':

Yes, now I talk about it but how they spend their restless days and nights without food, we cannot even begin to imagine. This was before daddy got a job in Abu Dhabi. how did he got the job? How he lived there with nothing in his hands? How Ammi ji lived without him in Pakistan and how she managed to make us stand on our feet it's an whole another story, in simple words it was very hard for them. Nevertheless, yes God show mercy on his people when they had enough. THANKS TO ALLAAH.

Obviously, we grown up in a lower class family then become a middle class family. We did not have huge expectations from someone but yes, we tried to give a lot, the best we could do. When I was 11 years old I grew up in an environment where there was " happy days."
Few things I have shared with you that my parents went through but I know there are million scares on my parent’s heart, which words cannot take.

My mother is my inspiration, I've always seen a smile on her face even when she was feeling down and do you know why she use to do that? For us, for her children and you know how hard it is to put a smile on a face when your heart is full of tears. I am just trying to encourage the one whose going through tough time, be positive even when things are going negative. There is nothing we can do but to “think Positive and have faith."

If you read my previous post, you know that my mother is very ill. Again, she is going through hard time however I see a smile on her face every time I talk to her on skype. Yes, she is awake from coma, she is eating on her own, at the moment she got Ascites so she gets breathless when talk. Doctors said slowly but she will recover hopefully. Please do keep her in your prayer There are million of us who can become one. Also I would like to thank each and every one of you who read my post and prayed!
Moreover, I remember I need to update about my beach dress that I mentioned in my mini summer haul. Just not in the mood to sew but I will post it soon.


  1. I love reading about your lifetime stories. Not many people share so much info on the internet and I think it's really cool that you open yourself. I'd love to do that too but I'm always afraid that people around me would judge what I'm doing. I hope your mum gets better soon. Please post the beach dress! I think it would do you good to sew to distract yourself for a bit. xxx

    Assia | www.assiashahin.com

    1. 'People' and I will call it 'we' do judge quickly and I think it's a natural thing because if I don't know you I will be judging you for that moment until you express yourself but once I know you that judging will become knowing.. and friendship first step is to know about eachother "Friendship is a key for every relation". Like I always say whatever good for your soul, "do it".
      Thank you for your generosity Hun. xXx


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