💌 Going Abroad To See My Mother.. Need Your Help! 💌

I am not active on my blog because of many thoughts running around in my head I can not figure it out where to start and what to do? Taking bit by bit will help a lot says on internet! As some of you know that my mother my Ammi Ji is not well (you can read my previous post HERE) Read it please because only then you will understand this post and can help me out. Yes, I really really need your help.

My Blogger Template!

If you haven't notice so let me tell you that recently I have redesign my blog. I will leave the link below make sure to check that out. They offer templates for both Blogger and WordPress. After you know what kind of template you need, you can choose a design from their Blogger Templates. 

Once my order was completed, immediately after my purchase I receive a link to download my template. I open the file that I've downloaded. Inside, there is a detailed instruction manual that walk me through every step of the installation process. To install the template I upload a single file into my blog, just follow the installation instructions to set up all of the widgets and then adjust the template to your needs. Have in mind that blog template only changes the design of your blog. All your existing content will remain active.I'm glad that you can still customise it. Honestly I didn't know anything I literally were panicking that how I will do it but now look at my blog template I'm actually quite impressed (: They give you live demo on their website which shows how it will look on your blog that I've really enjoyed while searching and finally I've purchased Blogger Template,
Here is the Link of their website

Although this template requires no customisation and will customise to your blog once uploaded but I did customise a lot to my own liking. I've given the new look to my blog, just need to fix my domain name too. Slowly, I will do other bits and bobs(hoping I use this sentence correct lol). If you are new to blogger I highly recommend you to purchase your blogger template, you don't have to spend money you can spend your time and figure all out by yourself, get information from google or watch tutorials like I spent hours when I first started but for a quick step it's worth it. I'm still new to it but I'm looking forward to explore more. Any questions? I'll be happy to answer. I am happy to give new look to my hobby!

Women! And My Mothers Health update

Being a woman is hard and I know some of you will agree with me and some of you will not. Just go back and think of the time when we were little, how wonderful that life was?
Not to worry about this thing is that sometime bother us. I am not going to say these things here but we both know in which situations we were and we are. 
Whoever is going through hard times? I just want to say grab the rope as tight as you can, keep your trust on your hands not on the rope because it's on us who can change everything not the things and some of you who were in those situations... please let the people know that, “wishes can come true if we have faith.”
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