💌 My Mother I Call Her Ammi Jaan Is Fighting For Life! 💌

Just a pre-warning. This post is going to be very depressing and emotional.
My mother has been diagnosed with hepatitis C for 16 years, she is going through with Hepatic Encephalopathy (is the occurrence of confusion, altered level of consciousness and coma because of liver failure. In advanced stages, it is call hepatic coma; it may ultimately lead to death)
Thirty percent of patients dying of hepatitis C will experience Hepatic Encephalopathy.
As some of you might know I live in UK and my parents live in Pakistan, they have visited several times here.
My blessed and wonderful mother has been through so much in her life, passed two years she been struggling to walk on her own that it is a wonder she is still alive Alhumdulillah. She's already depressed from all she'd been through still when she's awakened from a deep sleep )': she says I am all right with a smile.
At 11:20 pm my father phoned from Pakistan I missed his call, he left a message on the answering machine, "day before your mother was not feeling well we decided to take her to the hospital. Doctor suggested to keep her in for couple of days. He gave her injection and some medicines, she was feeling better. However, few hours later she was struggling to breath, her blood pressure went down to 20 she couldn't open her eyes. Doctor said she is critical but we are trying our best. You do your best to keep her in your prayers."

I quickly phoned back so I can talk to her. My dad put the phone close to her ear I said with my trembling voice, as-salamu alaykum "the peace be upon you" Ammi ji! I couldn't hear her. I said it again, app kaisy hain Ammi ji? (how are you) Before I could hear her my dad took the phone away and said she got tears in her eyes but struggling to breath so can not say anything. Don't cry and pray for her, doctors are trying their best.

I do not have friends, the ones I used to have are busy in their life. I have a small family around however they are also busy in their work. I live alone at home. My husband and father in law goes to work. I have one waiting phone call and that's my mothers. When she calls, we talk for hours. Not to hear her voice back it was very painful for me. My husband said keep your head up and pray! Pray is the best medicine for her at this moment.

Every tick on a clock, felt like a billion years for me. I wanted to be with her so badly and I could fly but Pakistan NHS is not free, could really use this money for her medications or for food? That's all my mind was telling me. I talked with my brothers and sister in laws and they said, have faith and keep praying. Do not worry we are all here for her everything will be okay. However, deep down you know it that nothing can replace a daughter and a mother's bonding.

I know some of you might think it's stupid to blog when you are going through hard time but I know it will make me a little less depressed if I share my feelings. I don't know or may be? I called several times and my daddy finally said that Ammi ji opened her eyes with a little smile on her face. She is still in the hospital doctors are trying their fully best to keep her healthy. I cannot wait to hear her voice! The feeling I have words cannot take it just want to say a little bit more...

If you are with your mother run towards her, hug her tight and say thank you. Show her how much she means to you tell her how much you love her. Appreciate her for everything she did for you. You do not know how lucky you are. You do not know what she been through' only for you. You do not know how many times she sacrifices her feelings' only for you. Always put a smile on your face when you see her. Always keep your tone polite towards her. Do you remember your mothers face when you were little? That smile towards you, that politeness towards you. Do you remember your first ache? How she spend her endless nights only for you. I can go on and on but you know it all, you know what needs to be done so don't wait for the right timing, just do It.
And PLEASE keep my mother my Ammi Jaan in your prayers ❤️

Mixed-Gadgets Professional Rotatable Retractable Tripod.

Ever want to take a picture with your iphone? Want to use your own tripod to make a movie? You can do all that just put your phone into the holder and capture the fun.
So let me take you from the start. It came in this brown cardboard packaging.
It have it's own caring pouch in black...Material: Aluminium Alloy. This is kind of a cheap material, its not a plastic but it's a cheap metal stainless kind.
This tripod supports digital camera, card camera and smart phone. Help take high quality scene or group photos without motion and long time human hand holding(which is why I bought it). Up here it have three way pen head so this is really nice, (in picture the screw right on top of big blue flower) when you unscrew its going to turn it 360 degrees in different directions which is really nice for positioning and you can screw that on its going to be lock in very tight. There is another lock mechanism which can go up and down if you want to shoot in some different directions and you can lock it in. Another unique feature about this it has built in level that means you can line it up make sure that your pictures level so you don't have to do any photoshop or cropping and rotate it so its going to be level when you take it. Its got that quarter inch screw so you can do anything with the quarter inch screw you can use your gopro camera and it just kind of like a stabilizer so you don't have to use it with your hands. See that handle on the right is a little kind of pin head so you can move it around you can unscrew that as well and what that does it makes it go up and down and you can twist it back up and its going be locked in that position but its really nice that you can still work with it in different directions so you can get some smooth video or pictures whatever you taking.
3-way head, built-in level, 3 section extendable legs, quick level rock, rubber legtip. Extendable legs you can push as far as it goes, it's not like a big tripod or heavy duty it doesn't go too far you can lock those ends very easy you can do that for all three of them, they have these rubber feet its not going to come off its going to help you to make it stable and doesn't scratch your surface. Its not big at all I don't recommend this if you trying to film something on a heavy duty camera, stage or hill etc because it doesn't go up high its there to you know stabilized it. Height wise it goes up to 39 to 40 inchesSo over all its a very budget friendly tripod that have lots of different features, I totally recommend this for the beginners photograph lovers, for the couples, blog lovers, a group of friends selfies or for a fun video at home.
I recommend you to get this anyway, I think its £2.99 my husband got this for me long time ago. Bluetooth remote control camera photo shutter for apple iPhone 5s 5c 5 4s 4 ipad 5 4 3 2 ipad mini ipad air ipod/samsung galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2 note 3 2 1 tab2 note8 10.1/moto X/neus 4 5 7/Xiaomi 1 2 3- Fashinable design for your cool self portait.

Sorry about lighting in the pictures, it's a rainy and cloudy days in UK. I'll get better at it. I can't wait to use this tripod from now on, I know it will save me time and more full selfies of me and my behalf together. Any questions I'll be happy to answer! Hope you'll find it useful. I purchased this product from Amazon Mixed-Gadgets Professional Rotatable Retractable Tripod stand holder.

You can use this for;
Sony Gopro camera iPhone 6 5 5S 5C Samsung Note 2 3 Smart Cell Phone.
rrp: £15.99
Postal and packing: £3.30
Total cost: £19.29

Day 2 night Mascara

A magical wand for us beautiful girls (*:
Multi-tasking, 2 in 1 mascara is in black and has a brush wand. I've always been a brush wand girl. I just feel it grips the eyelashes more. I really like the outcome, it definitely divides the lashes and it really multiples. Top cap brush wand, I like this for an everyday natural look as it really does look like you have naturally black, pretty lashes. I would recommend this to younger girls who might be wearing mascara to school. It wears well throughout the day and doesn't look too dramatic and doesn't clump. Personally, I love my lashes to be lengthened a little more, which the bottom cap do the job.

The picture with three coats and to be honest you can go on and on for dramatic look :D
These are just my personal views, I've purchased this from boots and wanted to share it with you! You can find this product online or in boots shop.
Top cap: Ultra-lengthened lashes.
Bottom cap: Thickens lashes with voluptuous.
ROP: £ 7.99

Mini Summer Haul, Matalan shoes

Some of the things I got from Matalan

🍲 Learning Cooking, how to cook tomato paste 🍲

Therefore, here is the trick that I use to do when I newly started cooking Asian foods
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