My Little Experience Of Learning Things!

There was a time when I struggle with it. 19 years young living in the UK and hardly knows anyone other then my own family. I find it very hard to find good salons, to book an appointment, to go out shopping. Slowly but surely I took a step towards it, getting all basic things done, facial and hair treatments done. However, all the expenses towards it made me think if only I could do everything myself!
The money I can put towards someone who need the most. I mean come on is it not important for a person who have not eaten well for days? The thought pinched my heart and I took a step towards myself. I started searching on internet and let me tell you Google is my best friend ha-ha-ha

One morning I just picked up a scissor and chopped my hair off. At first, I was as okay this is not so bad I have very long hair I can give another go. I actually trim my own hair I was so excited,"yes I did it."

Picking up a thread and learning threading on your moustache? Maybe it's not a great idea ((: A tip: practice on your clean leg. The more you practice the more you will learn. Slowly I have learned to do everything that beautifies me. You can do anything the way you want. Trust me I'm not just saying it I have experienced it. "You do not need a Teacher in everything, you are your own best Teacher." By the way, do you like my Quote?

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