My best Friend!

I have a best Friend and He can be your friend too.
You know Him. He was with you from the day you were born. Do you remember?
You can walk on your feet, you can eat with your hands, you can see from your eyes, you can hear from your ears, you can feel your heart beating and that is all because of my Friend. He helped you through all this time. Do you remember Him now? You thought it was only your Mother and Father who helped you rise. Your neglecting behaviour made Him upset. However, my Friend is still behind that door called 'repentance' waiting for you to come and give His thing that you owe Him. Do you know what that is?
Thank you.
Yes, after all of this He just wants a thank you from you.
❤️ I thank Him five times a day ❤️
❤️ I do not eat for 29/30 days ❤️
❤️ I help poor with whatever I have ❤️
❤️ I love who He love the most ❤️
Do you know my Friend name is? 
ALLAAH (God)...
Do you know who I am? 
A Muslim!
❤️ I hope you like my poem ❤️

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