Favourite Lipstick Medora Rose and Maybelline Sunlight Forever

My two favourite colour which basically stayed with me since I got addicted to makeup are Medora Rose Gypsy (Matte 222) and Maybelline Sunlight Forever (Peachy Sheen 605)

Medora lipsticks are made in Pakistan Swat and are available in Pakistan at drug stores or shops that carry makeup products. Living in UK? you can still get it online from eBay.

I personally love these lipsticks, they have a matte finish which I prefer as I have thin lips. When I came across the Medora lipsticks I instantly fell in love because they were all that I wished for plus they came in such unique shades. Shimmery, glittery, matte and frosted. Gypsy Red is my most worn Red lipstick as it has a great staying power and is the most low maintenance Red lippy with a gorgeous deep red shade. I just love it.

Peachy sheen use to be my almost everyday lippy as it has a very smooth and natural kind of look. A lovely luminous lipstick that lasts well. This remarkable formula contains high shine pearlescent spheres to add an amazing, luminous sheen to your lips. I am really bummed that this colour was discontinued. Does anyone know how I can get more? Maybelline definitely needs to bring it back! It's so pretty feels so good on your lips!! I still be a big fan of this colour.

I must say the only thing I don't like about Medora is that we don't have FDA/quality check. I can't find which ingredients they used in the product but I can say that I've been using their lipsticks for more then 8 years and so far I am happily surviving from allergic reaction ha-ha-ha also good for the price.

Here is a little tip, if your favourite lipstick is about to be discontinued, buy a few sticks and freeze them. Trust me it works. To squeeze some extra life out of your lipstick, store it in the fridge, it will last longer. Don't use makeup past its expiration date. Whenever you buy makeup and there is no expiration date, stick a piece of tape on the back and date it so that you’ll know when it’s expired. These were just a few tips that I always do it with my lippy's (: Have a Great weekend.

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